Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

If love is shelter, I'm going to walk in the rain.

[Urban Outfitters blouse, Vintage hot pants, Aldo wedges. 
Photos by Malissa Simoes]
It's been raining in Vancouver for the past couple days, and the forecast says it will be raining for a good couple more. A week more to be exact. That's alright with me though, I would rather have rain then snow. I finally have a job so I no longer will be a boring human being sitting at home watching online movies and surfing every blog known to man. I am excited to have an income so I can buy more clothes! I also found this amazing little book store just down the street called 'Book Warehouse' where I bought my first copy of 'LOVE'. It's amazing, I looked everywhere for it in Saskatoon and it was nowhere to be found, so when I found it you can bet I was ecstatic. They also have amazing books on everything at a very good price, so if your down in Vancouver and looking for great books at an amazing price go drop by.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Granville Island

[Gap jean jacket, American Apparel dress, vintage hat and shoes, badgley mischka purse.
Photos by: Malissa Simoes.]

I'm finally figuring my way around Vancouver. The public transportation is amazing, unlike in Saskatoon when busses come every half hour. If the weather permits I can even walk downtown to Robson or Granville. Its been quite ugly these past couple days, and I haven't felt 110 percent this past week so I haven't been out much. Here are some photos I took a couple days ago on Granville Island. It's so beautiful down there, I can't wait until summer to enjoy it to the fullest! I know I wore this hat in the last post but surprisingly enough it goes with everything. It is by far my favourite item in my closet. I finally got to do a bit of shopping in Urban Outfitters and boy did I find some deals there. What can I say, I love sales.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

West End

[Vintage hat, bodysuit and blazer, American Apparel side zip shorts, Aldo heels, Badgley Mischka purse. All pictures by Malissa Simoes.]
Now that I am all settled in beautiful Vancouver, me and my roomate went gallivanting around town taking in the sites and taking photographs. Coming from the flatlands I am surprised to see how beautiful and warm the middle of October is. I have never lived by the ocean, nor have I ever been in the ocean. I did however walk by it in Liverpool but that's another story. It's amazing to me how green it still is this time of year. I have yet to go shopping but that will come. I finally live by a H&M and ZARA!!!!